Computer Education


Now days Computer Networks have a tremendous impact on the ways in which individuals, groups and organizations communicate with each other. It has made it easier to share information and knowledge in a global way. Computer education provides a teaching medium that can result in more effective learning based on the concept of Student Centered Learning one of the most effective applications of computer education is “learning together”. It inculcates feeling of responsibility in students. It gives them confidence as they are part of a team.JNV, Nanded is equipped with a High-Tech Computer-Lab and well qualified faculties. Students are provided with the following facilities                                                              

1.Latest Multimedia PCs (40)                                                                                                                                                              2.High speed Internet Connectivity through BSNL Broad-Band (2mbps)                                                                        3.Computer Based Training Programme.                                                                                                                                      4.A huge Collection of Educational-CDs & Software’s.                                                                                                           5.Computer Education to all the students (from class VI to XII).                                                                                         6.Computer Projects developed by the Teaching staff members                                                                                        7.Computer Projects developed by the Students.                                                                                                                     8.Internet facility to the students & staff

                                           Status of Installation of Computers

1.Whether Vidyalaya is declared as smart School (Yes/No):Yes

2.Whether the Vidyalaya has been provided computer (Yes/No): Yes

3.No. of Computers installed (PCS, HCL, Zenith,Beetel):40

4.No. of Printers (hp, Samsung, Wipro, TVS):07 (02-DMP, 03-LJ, 02-IJ)

5.Availabililty of VSAT connectivity(Yes/No):No

6.Status of Internet connectivity(Broad Band/Dial-up):Broad Band (2mbps)

7.Scanner (Umax, hp):02

8.Web Camera (Creative):0

9.Speakers (Creative):04

10.Pen drives (Transcend):05

11.LAN Connectivity (Ethernet RJ45):Yes