The following facilities are provide for all children selected through JNVST  and admitted in the Vidyalaya.


1 Lodging Facilities : 1. Separate   dormitory for  boys and girls with all the basic amenities 2.like cots mattresses, pillows, bed sheets, towels etc.
2 Boarding facilities 1.Free boarding facility is provided to all children. 2. The Samiti provides  Rs.675/- per  month per child towards mess charges. 3. The following is  the menu provided to the  children.
3 Break fast Idli with chetney/sambar ,Upma,Poori-Kurma(Sundays),Pulihora,Tomato Rice,Bread with curry and Banana,Vegetable Biryani curd chetney,Milk with nutramul will be provided along  with breakfast item every day.
4 Lunch   Rice , curry, Dhal, Fruit/Egg/Sweet
5 Tea & Snack Biscuits, Chudwa, Bun, Mixture, Popcorn, Carrot,Watermelon etc.-one items with tea
6 Dinner  Rice, Curry, Sambar, Rasam, Chetney and Buttermilk Non veg like chicken and mutton  will be provided once in a fortnight, special menu  will be  served for all the festival occasions and  Vidyalaya Annual Day  functions.
7 Mess Committee All class leaders,  House Captains, Catering Assistant and  three teachers,  Vice Principal from the Mess Committee to finalize the menu ever month
8 Uniforms  Two pairs of school uniforms one T Shirt,one Track Suit,Two pairs of  white canvas shoes,one pair of Black leather ,one pair of Hawai cheppalsshoes and will be provided at the rate of Rs.1,250/- per child per year.
9 Stationary Items Note Books, Text Books , pen, pencil,  Eraser, Record Books, exam  papers Geometry box etc. will be provided at the rate of Rs.500/- per child per year.
10 Daily use items Bath soap, washing soap, coconut oil, Tooth Paste will be provided at the  rate of Rs.350/- per year per child.



            In addition to the above facilities, CBSE exams fees also will be paid by the vidyalaya.  Barber and  Dhobi services will also be available  in the campus.